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DI System

De Ionisation Bottle

A DI system (deionization bottle) is where your pure water is prodcued by passing your tap water through a DI bottle that's filled with mixed bed resin.

DI bottle is merely an abbreviation of Deionization bottle or Deionisation bottle if you prefer the English spelling.

If your work is in soft water areas, such as Edinburgh, then this method is more than adequate and is the cheapest and easiest method to get you up and running with a pure water system cleaning system. The only drawback with the Deionization cleaning system is the running costs per litre of producing your pure water.

It's much more expensive to set up a Reverse Osmosis system and then there's the storage space needed to keep your water when it's being produced but the costs of producing each litre of pure water is considerably much more cost effective.

With a DI system you can get your water from any supply that's available and the mixed bed resin in your bottle will convert it to the pure water you'll need. There's no need to keep returning to where your pure water is being stored when you need to refill your water tank. Any standpipe will do.

If you work in different geological areas, then you'll obviously need to check that each of these areas have water supplies that are suitable for use with only a Deionization system.

Deionization Bottle Recycling

What is DI bottle recycling? Well it's like any other kind of recycling, it's when you make sure that what you've already used and finished with, isn't simply thrown away and wasted. You re-use or recycle it. How this works with DI bottles is better explained Here!

This method will save you money and we all know that money saved is just as good as money earned. This method of saving money takes a lot less effort than earning it!

You'll find suppliers of deionization bottles and mixed bed resin by copying the following words into a Google search box...

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  • Mixed Bed Resins